Portolan Chart 6 by Giorgio Sìderi Called Calapodà


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ALTERNATIVE TITLES – Portolano 6 di Giorgio Sìderi Detto Calapodà – Carta Universale in Stile Marino di Giorgio Sìderi Detto Calapodà – Portulano 6 de Giorgio Sìderi Conocido como Calapodà – Portolankarte 6 von Giorgio Sideri Bakannt als Calapodà.
FEATURES – Map on parchment, 720 x 1.060 mm.
ORIGIN – Italy: Venice.
CHRONOLOGY – 16th century: 1550.
GENRE – Geography / Maps.
CONTENTS – The world as known at that time: Europe, part of Asia, Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, and part of the New World.
LANGUAGE – Italian; Latin.
SCRIPT – Gothic.
ARTIST – Giorgio Sideri known as Calapodà (or Callapoda da Candia).
STYLE – Renaissance.
EXTERNAL LINKS – Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia (digitized map).

Data sheet: Illuminated Facsimiles

Portulan; Carte-Portulan par Dit


Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces as close as possible the material characteristics of the original document.
Publisher: Treccani (Rome, 2016).
Limited edition: 749 copies.
Commentary: Benzoni Gino, Milanesi Marica, Tonini Camillo.
Slipcase: covered in bordeaux red color canvas, with closure ties, 850 x 180 x 180 mm.
Extra content: half-sphere magnifying glass.

Copyright photos: Treccani

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