Douce 134 Oxford Codex

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Douce 134


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Douce 134 Oxford Codex

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Douce 134

Alternative titles
Mirabile Visione – Book of the Vineyard of Our Lord – Livre de la Vigne Nostre Seigneur.
Physical features
Codex on parchment, dimensions 240 x 170 mm, 337 pages.
France, 15th century (ca. 1450-1470).
Former owners
Dominus Johannes Blathe (engraved on the binding); Gilbert Paignon Dijonval (18th century); Charles-Gilbert Morel de Vindé (1759-1842); Robert Triphook; Payne; Francis Douce (1832).
Present repository
Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 134.
Apocalyptic literature / Beatus of LiébanaMythology / PropheciesTreatises / Secular books.
Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur – a treatise on Antichrist, the Last Judgement, Heaven and Hell. With Biblical and Patristic Latin quotes (Saint Augustine of Hippo, Saint Gregory the Great, Saint Jerome of Stridon, Bede the Venerable, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux).
French; Latin.
83 miniatures, of which 16 full-page.
Grande Chartreuse monastery scriptorium.

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Mirabile Visione

Publisher – Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana – Treccani (Rome, 2019), by concession of the Bodleian Libraries – University of Oxford.
Series – Tesori Svelati.
Limited edition – This facsimile edition was produced in 299 copies marked with hand numbering from 1 to 299. Ten non-sale copies not numbered are reserved for the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana.
Type of reproduction – Full-size colour reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces the physical characteristics of the original manuscript as closely as possible, with the aim of substituting it in scientific research and in the libraries of bibliophile collectors.
Material – Luxor like-parchment paper by Cartiere Fedrigoni, endpapers printed on Ingres paper by Cartiere Fabriano.
Printing – Printed in four colours plus gold hot stamping.
Binding – Full grain leather with nerves, incised decorations and brass bosses. The binding corresponds to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment. Trimming and composition of the leaves reproduce the profile and structure of the original manuscript.
Commentary – Commentary volume in Italian, size 17 x 24 cm, 150 pages. Index: Presentazione (Massimo Bray); Prefazione (Martin Kauffmann); L’Anticristo nell’Occidente Medievale (Jean-Robert Armogathe); Il «Livre de la Vigne» nella tradizione religiosa medievale (Francesco Santi); Iconologia di una visione (Marina Falla Castelfranchi); «Terribili a udirsi, più terribili a vedersi» (Chiara Franceschini); Tavole; Scheda codicologica (Martin Kauffmann).
Slipcase – The facsimile and the commentary volume are housed in a cardboard slipcase covered in canvas (34 x 27 x 10 cm).
Certificate of authenticity – The certificate with the copy number is printed on the colophon of the facsimile and authenticated by Massimo Bray (Director of the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana) and Richard Ovenden (Librarian of the Bodleian Library).
ISBN – 978-88-12-00726-4.

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