Petrarch 1470


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Illuminated Facsimiles

Petrarch 1470

ALTERNATIVE TITLES – Petrarca Queriniano.
FEATURES – Printed book on paper, 267 x 176 mm, 312 pp.
ORIGIN – Italy: Venice.
CHRONOLOGY – 15th century: 1470.
GENRE – Literature.
CONTENTS – Rerum vulgarium fragmenta and Triumphs by Petrarch.
LANGUAGE – Italian.
SCRIPT – Humanist minuscule.
PRINTER – Wendelin of Speye (Wendelin von Speyer).
SCRIBE – Copy with marginalia by Antonio Grifo.
DECORATION – Richly decorated by hand.
ARTIST – Antonio Grifo.
STYLE – Renaissance.
EXTERNAL LINKS – Associazione Bibliofili Bresciani Bernardino Misinta (digitized document).

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Canzoniere; Chansonnier; Cancionero; Trionfi; Triumphi; Triomphes; Los Triunfos; Francesco; Pétrarque; Vindelino da Spira; de


Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces as close as possible the bibliological characteristics of the original document. The binding might not correspond to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
Publisher: Salerno Editrice (Rome, 2016).
Limited edition: 499 copies.
Commentary: Frasso Giuseppe, Canova Giordana M., Sandal Ennio.
Slipcase: plexiglas case.
Extra content: folder containing some lost pages that have been retrieved from another copy now at the Biblioteca Trivulziana in Milan.

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