How to make the Tiber river navigable


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How to make the Tiber river navigable

ALTERNATIVE TITLES – Modo di far navigabile il fiume Tevere da Perugia a Roma – Pensieri del Mayer disegnati dal signor Gasparo Van Wittel olandese in Roma.
FEATURES – Codex on paper, 230 x 320, 135 pp.
ORIGIN – Italy.
CHRONOLOGY – 17th century: 1675.
GENRE – Art / DrawingGeography / MapsTreatises / Secular books.
CONTENTS – In 1675 the Dutch engineer Cornelis Jansz Mejjer (1629-1701) and his compatriot painter Caspar van Wittel (1652-1763), traveled the banks of the Tiber between Perugia and Rome. The former takes notes in his notebook he then develops in a study on how to make the river navigable; the young painter, instead, draws numerous sketches of the surrounding countryside. The manuscript collects van Wittel’s drawings together with Mejjer’s notes in Dutch and Italian respectively on the back and front of each folio. Cornelis Jansz Mejjer then published in 1683 L’arte di restituire a Roma la tralasciata navigatione del suo Tevere (The art of giving back to Rome the neglected navigation of its Tiber), dedicated to Pope Innocent XI.
LANGUAGE – Italian; Dutch.
SCRIBE – Cornelis Jansz Mejjer.
DECORATION – 59 pen and watercolor drawings; 1 plan of the course of the Tiber from Perugia to Rome; 2 plans of the course of the river.
ARTIST – Caspar van Wittel; a second artist is the author of 9 drawings.
STYLE – Vedutism.

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Sul Biondo; Comment rendre le Tibre de Pérouse à; Meyer; Caspar; Casper; Jasper Adriaensz; Gaspare Vanvitelli; Gasparo degli Occhiali


Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces as close as possible the codicological characteristics of the original document. The binding might not correspond to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
Publisher: Nova Charta Editori (Venice, 2012).
Limited edition: 199 copies.
Commentary: Guardo Marco.

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