Beatus of Liébana: Navarra Codex

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Ms. Nouv. Acq. Lat. 1366


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Beatus of Liébana: Navarra Codex

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Ms. Nouv. Acq. Lat. 1366

Alternative titles
Beatus a Liebana, Commentarius in Apocalypsim – Navarra Beatus – Beato de Liébana, códice de Navarra.
Physical features
Codex on parchment, dimensions 350 x 250 mm, 157 folios (314 pages).
Modern leather binding. Five star-shaped bosses on each of the two boards, two ties with clasp closure, cartouche on front board. Spine with four bands.
Spain, late 12th century.
The codex belonged to Charles III of Navarre (b. 1361, d. 1425), as attested by the document dated 4 May 1389 at the end of the manuscript, signed by Charles III and a certain Garcia Lopez. Traces of it disappeared until the 19th century. In 1879 – after a series of changes of ownership including that of the Milanese bookseller Pietro Vergani – the codex was purchased by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, for the sum of 2,000 francs.
Present repository
The manuscript is still in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, under the shelfmark Ms. Nouv. Acq. Lat. 1366. The 1879 acquisition was part of a policy to enrich the BnF’s collections of Spanish origin, and followed an earlier acquisition of around thirty volumes from the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos.
ChristianityApocalyptic literature / Beatus of Liébana.
Commentaries on the Apocalypse by the Spanish monk and exegete Beatus of Liébana (b. ca. 730, d. 798), who composed them in 776 – according to a chronological reference in the text. The Commentaries brought together a collection of texts from different periods and authors concerning the Apocalypse of John and its interpretations. There are about 25 surviving illuminated codices of the Commentary, none contemporary with its author..
Late Carolingian.
59 miniatures of various sizes, a single illuminated initial with zoomorphic figure (f. 1r), some coloured watermarked initials.
The miniatures are the work of several artists.

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Beato de Liébana. Códice de Navarra

Publisher – Millennium Liber (Madrid, 2007), by concession of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
Distribution – This facsimile was distributed in Italy by Il Bulino edizioni d’arte.
Limited edition – Unique international run of 995 numbered and certified copies.
Type of reproduction – Full-size colour reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces the physical characteristics of the original manuscript as closely as possible, with the aim of substituting it in scientific research and in the libraries of bibliophile collectors.
Material – Special like-parchment paper.
Binding – Handmade binding, faithful to the original. Leather cover with studs, two leather ties with metal clasps, cartouche on the front board.
Commentary – Commentary volume in Spanish with Italian abstract. Texts by Elisa Ruiz García, Soledad De Silva y Verastegui, Marie-Pierre Laffitte.
Slipcase – Leather or velvet slipcase.
ISBN – 9788493511401.

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