Life of Matilda of Tuscany


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Illuminated Facsimiles

Life of Matilda of Tuscany

ALTERNATIVE TITLES – Acta Comitissae Mathildis – Life of Matilda of Canossa – Vita der Mathilde von Canossa.
FEATURES – Codex on parchment, 210 x 160 mm, 180 pp.
ORIGIN – Italy: Canossa (Church of San Apollonio).
CHRONOLOGY – 12th century: 1115.
GENRE – Chronicles / History / LawsChristianityHagiographies.
CONTENTS – Vita Mathildis by Donizo (also Domnizo, Donizone) of Canossa.
SCRIPT – Carolingian minuscule (or Caroline minuscule); Roman square capitals (or Capitalis monumentalis).
DECORATION – 7 large miniatures (episodes from the life of Matilda); 1 small miniature (Saints Peter and Paul); decorated initials.
STYLE – Romanesque.

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Mathilda; di Matilde Toscana; Vie de Briey; Toscane; Actes la Comtesse Mathilde


Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces as close as possible the codicological characteristics of the original document. The binding might not correspond to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
Publisher: Belser Verlag (Zurich, 1984).
Limited edition: 2000 copies.
Commentary: Janeck AxeI, Fumagalli Vito, Pernoud Régine, Golinelli Paolo.

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