Treatise on Arithmetic and Geometry by Filippo Calandri


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Illuminated Facsimiles

Treatise on Arithmetic and Geometry by Filippo Calandri

ALTERNATIVE TITLES – L’Aritmetica di Lorenzo de’ Medici – Traité d’Arithmétique et de Géométrie de Filippo Calandri – Tratado de Aritmética de Lorenzo el Magnífico – Traktat der Rechenkunst von Lorenzo dem Prächtigen.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION – Codex on parchment, dimensions 170 x 116 mm, III-122-III folios.
BINDING – Modern binding with blue velvet cover, bosses in the centre and on the corners of the boards, metal ties.
ORIGIN – Italy (Florence).
DATING – Late 15th century.
PATRONAGE – This precious codex was commissioned by Lorenzo de’ Medici known as the Magnifico (b. 1449, d. 1492), as a gift for his son Giuliano de’ Medici (b. 1479, d. 1516). Giuliano would have been given an authentic manual on how to juggle the most diverse commercial affairs, but also on how to solve various practical problems – such as building a wall (f. 91v) or melting a bombard (f. 110v). This gift from Lorenzo the Magnificent should not come as a surprise: for let us not forget that the Medici family was a family of bankers who had always been dedicated to business and had begun their economic rise thanks to activities such as mercatura and agriculture.
PRESENT REPOSITORY – The codex is now preserved in the Biblioteca Riccardiana in Florence, with the shelfmark Ms. Ricc. 2669.
GENRE – Treatises / Secular books, Mathematics / Geometry.
CONTENT – The manuscript contains a treatise on arithmetic and geometry by the Florentine mathematician Filippo Calandri (b. ?, d. 1469). The treatise is preceded by a full-page portrait (f. 1v) depicting the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (b. ca. 575 BC, d. ca. 495 BC), and some Pythagorean tables for the multiplication of simple and compound numbers (ff. 2-10). Some scholars believe that the section of the tables was added at a later stage.
LANGUAGE – Italian.
SCRIPT – Humanistic Minuscule.
STYLE – Renaissance.
EXTERNAL LINKS – Biblioteca Riccardiana (description sheet and digitised manuscript).

Data sheet: Illuminated Facsimiles

Lorenzo il Magnifico, Giuliano di Lorenzo de Medici


Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document – The facsimile reproduces as close as possible the physical characteristics of the original document, with the aim to substitute it in the scientific research and in the libraries of the bibliophile collectors. Trimming and composition of the leaves reproduce the profile and structure of the original document. The binding might not correspond to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
PublisherArtCodex (Castelvetro di Modena, 2016).
Limited edition – Limited edition of 999 copies numbered in Arabic numerals.
Certificate of authenticity – The certificate of authenticity with the copy number – authenticated by Marco Malagoli (for ArtCodex) and Fulvio Silvano Stacchetti (for the Biblioteca Riccardiana) – is applied to the colophon of the facsimile.
Writing support material – Special aged like-parchment paper.
Binding – Velvet cover with cornerpieces on boath boards and metal and stone decoration on the front board.
Commentary – Commentary in Italian, 24 x 127 cm, 42 pages. Index: Il Codice; Trattato di Aritmetica di Filippo Calandri; Giuliano de’ Medici; La decorazione: le scuole pittoriche; Aritmetica: cenni storici.

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