Mary Stuart’s Book of Hours

Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense, Ms. 62


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Illuminated Facsimiles

Mary Stuart’s Book of Hours

Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense, Ms. 62

ALTERNATIVE TITLES – Libro d’Ore di Maria Stuarda – Libro de Horas de María Stuarda – Stundenbuch der Maria Stuart.
FEATURES – Codex on parchment, 70 x 101 mm, 360 pp.
ORIGIN – Belgium: Ghent or Bruges.
CHRONOLOGY – Early 16th century.
FORMER OWNERS – The manuscript may have belonged to Mary I of Scotland: this suggestion is given by the writing which appears on the first endpaper.
CURRENT LOCATION – Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense.
GENRE – Christianity; Private devotional books.
CONTENTS – Calendar and prayers.
SCRIPT – Gothic.
DECORATION – 41 miniatures.
STYLE – Renaissance.

Data sheet: Illuminated Facsimiles

Queen Scots; Livre d’Heures Marie


Full-size color reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces as close as possible the codicological characteristics of the original document. The binding might not correspond to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
PublisherArtCodex (Castelvetro di Modena, 2011).
Limited edition – 999 copies.
Writing material – Like-parchment paper.
Commentary (Italian) – Giuliani, Claudia; Villani, Stefano; Limentani Virdis, Caterina; Amicucci, Floriana; Lazzi, Giovanna.
Extra content – Facsimile of the order for execution of Mary Stuart signed by Elizabeth I.
Slipcase – The facsimile, the commentary volume and the execution warrant are issued in a handmade slipcase.
ISBN – 9788861800076 (commentary).

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