Mary Stuart’s Book of Hours

Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense, Ms. 62


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Mary Stuart’s Book of Hours

Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense, Ms. 62

Alternative titles
Libro de Horas de María Stuarda – Stundenbuch der Maria Stuart – Livre d’Heures de Marie Stuart – Libro d’Ore di Maria Stuarda.
Physical features
Codex on parchment, dimensions 70 x 101 mm, 180 folios (360 pages).
Twentieth-century brown leather restoration binding made by Legatoria Gozzi of Modena.
Belgium (Ghent or Bruges), early 16th century.
The patronage of the manuscript is unknown. On the recto of the first folio, an annotation in Italian by an 18th-century hand states that it belonged to Mary Stuart of Scotland (b. 1542, d. 1587): «Maria Stuarda Regina di Scozia».
Present repository
Ravenna, Biblioteca Classense.
ChristianityPrivate devotional books.
Calendar (ff. 2v-8r); De sancta facie nostri Salvatoris (ff. 10r-11r); Horae de sancta Cruce (ff. 13r-19r); Recommendatio (f.19r); Horae de sancto Spiritu (ff. 21r-26r); Recommendatio (f. 26r); Missa beatae Mariae virginis (ff. 28r-32v); Sancti Evangelii (ff. 32v-38r); Secundum Johannem (ff. 32v-34r); Secundum Lucam (ff. 34r-35v); Secundum Matheum (ff. 35v-37r); Secundum Marcum (ff. 37r-38r); Horae beatae Mariae virginis secundum usum romanae ecclesiae (ff. 40r-96v); Officium beatae Mariae virginis quod dicitur per totum Adventum (ff. 98r-106v); Septem psalmi penitenciales (ff. 108r-128r); Vigiliae mortuorum (ff. 130r-172v); Oratio ad beatam Mariam virginem (ff. 173r-176v); Oracio de Domina nostra et sancto Johanne evangelista (ff. 176v-179r).
Gothic textualis.
It is possible to identify the hand of a single scribe, who has – however – remained unknown.
20 full-page miniatures, of which the first 12 are for the Calendar (ff. 2v-8r). This is followed by 8 miniatures at the beginning of the offices, consisting of scenes set in an architectural frame or a border with flowers and insects: Christ blessing (f. 9v); Crucifixion (f. 12v); Descent of the Holy Spirit (f. 20v); Madonna and Child (f. 27v); Annunciation (f. 39v); Coronation of the Virgin (f. 97v); David praying (f. 107v); Disputatio animae (f. 129v). Another 13 small miniatures are found in folios with a decorated border: St. John (f. 33r); St. Luke (f. 34r); St. Matthew (f. 35v); St. Mark (f. 37); Visitation / Morning Lauds (f. 58r); Nativity / Hour one (f. 69r); Announcement to the Shepherds / Hour three (f. 73r); Adoration of the Magi / Sixth hour (f. 77r); Presentation in the Temple / Ninth hour (f. 81r); Massacre of the Innocents / Vespers (f. 85r); Flight into Egypt / Compline (f. 92r); Pieta (f. 173r); Virgin and St. John at the foot of the Cross (f. 176v). 8 folios have decorated borders and flowered initials. In the text are decorated initials in white ink, framed in a red or gold field.
Followers of the Master of the David Scenes in the Grimani Breviary – a Flemish illuminator active in the early 16th century.
Northern Renaissance.

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Libro d’Ore di Maria Stuarda

Publisher – ArtCodex (Castelvetro di Modena, 2011).
Limited edition – The facsimile was produced in a limited edition of 999 numbered and certified copies.
Type of reproduction – Full-size colour reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces the physical characteristics of the original manuscript as closely as possible, with the aim of substituting it in scientific research and in the libraries of bibliophile collectors.
Material – Like-parchment paper.
Binding – Red velvet cover, cornerpieces and centred rosette with stones set on both boards, metal straps. The binding might not correspond to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
Commentary – Commentary volume in Italian, size 28 x 18 cm, 63 colour images, 106 pages. Essays by Claudia Giuliani, Stefano Villani, Caterina Limentani Virdis, Floriana Amicucci, Giovanna Lazzi. Edited by Claudia Giuliani. Contents: Il Libro d’Ore di Maria Stuarda entro le collezioni della Biblioteca Classense: storia di un culto librario; Maria Stuarda dalla storia al mito; Un piccolo libro di preghiere; Il codice; In preghiera tra fede e natura; Bibliografia; Indici dei manoscritti; Indici dei nomi.
Extra content – Reproduction of the edict sentencing Mary Stuart to death, signed by Elizabeth I.
Slipcase – The facsimile, the commentary volume and the reproduction of the writ of execution are contained in a velvet-covered slipcase.
Certificate of authenticity – The certificate is attached to the colophon of the facsimile.
ISBN – 9788861800076 (commentary).

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