Book of Hours of Cardinal Carafa

Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ms. vat. lat. 9490


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Book of Hours of Cardinal Carafa

Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ms. vat. lat. 9490

Alternative titles
Libro de Horas de Cardenal Oliviero Carafa – Stundenbuch von Kardinal Carafa – Livre d’Heures de Cardinal Oliviero Carafa – Libro d’Ore del Cardinale Carafa.
Physical features
Codex on purple parchment, dimensions 140 x 90 mm, 398 pages.
White leather cover. Gilded decorations and repository number within the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana on the spine.
Italy, 15th century.
The manuscript was created on a commission from Cardinal Oliviero Carafa (b. 1430, d. 1511). He was a member of the powerful Carafa family of Neapolitan nobility, and he had a deep interest in letters, the arts, and antiquity. His coat of arms appears on f. 1v.
Current location
Vatican City State, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana.
ChristianityPrivate devotional books.
Calendar and prayers.
8 full-page miniatures, initials decorated with floral motifs, decorated margins.
Scribe and illuminator
Bartolomeo San Vito (b. 1433, d. 1511).
Italian Renaissance.

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Libro d’Ore del Cardinale Carafa

Publisher – ArtCodex (Castelvetro di Modena, 2016).
Limited edition – 1059 copies.
Type of reproduction – Full-size colour reproduction of the entire original document. The facsimile reproduces the physical characteristics of the original manuscript as closely as possible, with the aim of substituting it in scientific research and in the libraries of bibliophile collectors.
Binding – Handmade leather binding, with gilded decorations on the spine. The binding corresponds to that of the original document as it appears at the present moment.
Commentary – Italian language commentary volume, size 24 x 17 cm, 59 pages. Contents: I codici purpurei; I Libri d’Ore; Il miniatore e copista: Bartolomeo da San Vito; La committenza Carafa.
Slipcase – Handmade slipcase covered in artificial purple leather.

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